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Career Objective

I am a self-motivated, detail oriented, graduate structural engineer seeking a position in a vibrant company. I am looking for opportunities to grow, develop my professionalism, and apply my skills to contribute positively in engineering projects. 

Education / Qualifications

Engineering Australia - The Professional Year in Engineering
Navitas Professional
Graduated: 2011
Melbourne, Australia
MSc. Structural Engineering
Monash University
Graduated: October 2008
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
BSc. Civil Engineering
University of Western Cape
Graduated: June 2006
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Degree Related Projects

Unfitted stiffeners in welded steel beam to column connections,  The University of South Africa 2008 

Employment History

Feb 2011 – May 2011: Workplace InternshipMelbourne, VIC, Australia
Navitas Workforce Solutions

Key responsibilities:
  • Analyse survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, aerial photography, and other topographical or geologic data to plan projects.
  • Plan and design transportation or hydraulic systems and structures, following construction and government standards, using design software and drawing tools.
  • Compute load and grade requirements, water flow rates, and material stress factors to determine design specifications.
  • Inspect project sites to monitor progress and ensure conformance to design specifications and safety or sanitation standards.
  • Direct construction, operations, and maintenance activities at project site.
  • Direct or participate in surveying to lay out installations and establish reference points, grades, and elevations to guide construction.
  • Estimate quantities and cost of materials, equipment, or labor to determine project feasibility.
  • Prepare or present public reports, such as bid proposals, deeds, environmental impact statements, and property and right-of-way descriptions.
  • Test soils and materials to determine the adequacy and strength of foundations, concrete, asphalt, or steel.
  • Provide technical advice regarding design, construction, or program modifications and structural repairs to industrial and managerial personnel.
  • Conduct studies of traffic patterns or environmental conditions to identify engineering problems and assess the potential impact of projects
Jan 2010 – Feb 2011: Graduate Structural EngineerCape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
John Holland
Engineering company which designs and builds residential and public buildings including schools and hospitals.
Key responsibilities: 
  • Assisted in conceptual and detailed designs of building structures.
  • Assisted in simulation of proposed structures with professional programmes.
  • Supervised and visited contractors on sites and advised them on civil engineering issues.
  • Inspected construction sites and provided manager with reports.
  • Prepared written advice on how to improve the structural integrity of the buildings.
  • Made sure construction sites meet legal guidelines, and safety requirements


  • Improved performance of steel bracing and reduced fabrication costs by using a new method.
  • Enhanced safety requirements by providing the management with latest safety practices
Jun 2009 – Nov 2009: Construction ManagerCape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
I worked as a construction manager to conduct a conservation of a Victorian era building in London.

Key responsibilities:
  • Planned work schedules for the project and coordinated five groups of contractors.
  • Supervised construction works and consulted with contractors to overcome problems.
  • Made sure the project met legal requirements and Building Regulations.
  • Checked and improved fire safety and energy efficiency of the building.
  • Reduced the total cost of the project by 10% through choosing optimum materials and negotiating with suppliers and contractors.
  • Completed the project in time by arranging precise work schedules, preventing interference of contractors.   
Jun 2006 – Jul 2007: Civil Engineer InternMiami, FL, United States

Key responsibilities:

  • Assisted in analysis and design of structural members for residential buildings.
  • Supervised construction processes and checked quality of workmanship.
  • Followed up legal issues by attending local authorities to speed up their processes. 
  • Consulted with local people, listened to their concerns and prepared proper responds
  • Improved quality of construction works by inspecting the sites regularly and checked the workmanship carefully. 


  • Enhanced quality of the company’s communication with local people through responding to their concerns patiently and effectively.
  • Improved quality of construction works by inspecting the sites regularly and checked the workmanship carefully

Skills Summary

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills acquired via academic education and collaboration with multinational professionals. 
  • Strong ability to work in a team and under pressure developed via group projects.
  • Exceptional negotiation skill acquired via negotiation with contractors and suppliers to complete construction projects successfully and within budget.
  • First rate problem solving skill gained through dealing with unpredictable circumstances during modelling and design of projects


MS OfficeAdvanced
British Standards, Eurocodes, and AS3600Advanced
ABAQUS, SAP, and ETABS programmesAdvanced

Professional Memberships

Engineers Australia
Active graduate member
The Institution of Structural Engineers

Active graduate member


Chinese - MandarinNative

Hobbies / Interests

  • Travelling
  • Badmington
  • Knitting
  • Cooking
  • Watching AFL


Craig Brown – Supervisor
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
John Smith – Chief Engineer
John Holland
Cape Town, South Africa
Kieran Wallis – Manager
Navitas Workforce Solution
Melbourne, VIC, Australia